Whenever the topic of a new Slipknot album comes up, you can always rest assure that there will always be contradictory answers from at least two band members. More specifically, Corey Taylor will downplay talks of a new album, while Joey Jordison will stir the pot to suggest one is coming soon. Standing in the middle, though, is percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan.

While he seems more hopeful for a new album than most members, Crahan also has acknowledged that it’s still too soon to know for sure. And more recently, when confirming Slipknot’s intentions to tour the U.S. this Summer, Crahan confirmed that a new album wouldn’t be coming out just yet. However, in a recent interview with the UK’s Kerrang! Magazine to discuss the 10th anniversary of Iowa, Crahan confirmed that Slipknot are planning to record a new album, but that they weren’t rushing themselves to release it.

When asked about the band’s future plans, Crahan revealed the following:

“There’s plans [to make another record] but that’s a way off. No one will push it, because it’s going to be a big one. It’ll be closer to ‘Iowa’, but it’ll be sadder and crazier and really thought provoking, it could even be conceptual.

We’re still taking some time to reflect on our brother [Gray]. Everybody needs to be collecting thoughts so they can get it out and no-one has really had time to collect thoughts yet. But we’re the f—ing ‘Knot. And when we come out, you’ll know your band is done.”

It should be noted, though, that it’s unclear whether Crahan’s fellow band mates are under the same impression regarding a new Slipknot album. One thing that remains certain, though, is that a new Slipknot album won’t be coming out anytime soon. And that’s completely understandable. Though it’s been over a year since Gray’s death, such a loss can still take its toll on a band (some are able to move forward, while some bands break up because of it). The fact that Slipknot have started to perform live again is a great start and shows promise for more things to come.

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