Ima let you finish, but Kanye West jacked Christian Mistress’ artwork

Posted by on March 2, 2015

So-Help-Me-GodBack in 2010, Christian Mistress released their debut album, Agony & Opium. It was a pretty small release, on 20 Buck Spin, but it was enough to get them on the road and bring them to the attention of Relapse Records, who signed them for their follow-up, Possession. That album was apparently inspirational enough for someone that was designing the cover for Kanye West’s forthcoming album, So Help Me God, to appropriate the artwork, as the cover is nearly identical to the logo that Christian Mistress have used on both albums.

Yesterday, West announced that the album would be called So Help Me God, and teased it with an image that’s allegedly a 13th Century monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary. So while it’s perhaps just a coincidence, and it’s doubtful the Washington neo-NWOBHM band have their logo trademarked, it’s definitely going to be seen by a lot more people. It was enough for 20 Buck Spin to notice, who sent an Instagram post out yesterday with the album cover, stating “Kanye West is apparently a Christian Mistress fan.” At any rate, it’s pretty apparent that Kanye West respects Christian Mistress artistry, or at least their album art.



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