It’s been a five years since Bad Brains had a new album out (the Adam Yauch-produced Build A Nation), and on November 20, they’ll remedy that with Into the Future. It will be only their third release in 17 years, and will feature the band’s core lineup of H.R., Dr. Know, Daryl Jenifer and Earl Hudson.

While the title track is the only song out there so far, it sounds like signature Bad Brains. The band have, however, unveiled the album cover, and it’s a pretty great one. Shepard Fairy (who’s best known for his Barack Obama portrait) did the illustration, and it’s retro and futuristic at the same time. Done with rasta colors (yellow, green, red) instead of the red and blue of the Obama poster, it features the iconic lightning strike that was on the first album, but it’s striking a lion (another rasta symbol) instead of the Capitol Building. Check it out, and listen to the title track below.


[via Blabbermouth]