Ghost B.C. Covers Coachella, As Band Readies Reddit AMA

Posted by on April 15, 2013

With Infestissimum dropping tomorrow, Ghost B.C. has been everywhere as of late. The band’s hard to ignore, which might have more to do with their image than their music at this point. But their satanic bubblegum metal/pop will likely catch up once people get a chance to listen. The band had what’s essentially their coming out party to the mainstream this past weekend at Coachella. In addition to playing during the afternoon in front of confused hipsters in a desert, those riding to the fest saw a piece of the band’s alleged $750,000 deal at work. Universal/Republic blanketed California’s I-10 with a series of billboards, including the Ghost one, as seen above, and a Black Sabbath one. In an article in The Hollywood Reporter, Republic’s VP of marketing Jim Roppo says that each of the eight billboards are seen get aboutt 2 million impressions in the weeks that aren’t Coachella, and  it sends a message to not only the music and movie industry insiders attending Coachella, but consumers as well.

In other Ghost B.C. news (yeah, we just want to call the Ghost too, but not in America), Papa Emeritus II and a nameless ghoul will be doing an AMA (ask me anything) this afternoon at 2pm EST on Reddit. Set your monstrance clocks. Maybe you can ask if they really signed for that much money. Or how they got Dave Grohl to drum on a song (that’s one song, it’s not like he’s in the band or anything).

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