Video: Pat O’Brien Performing With Slayer

Posted by on April 8, 2011


Even if you’re glad that Jeff Hanneman HASN’T left Slayer, it’s still pretty cool to see the band performing with some awesome fill-ins. The most recent Slayer fill-in is Cannibal Corpse’s Pat O’Brien, who debuted with the group on April 6 in Zagreb, Crotia. While it’s unsure as to who will actually be performing with Slayer during their Summer tour (Hanneman? O’Brien? Exodus’ Gary Holt?), we can still witness these fill-ins in action with Slayer thanks to (you guessed it) YouTube.

Multiple fan filmed video footage (courtesy of FotherMucker00) of Slayer performing with O’Brien last night (April 7) in Vienna, Austria has hit the web. You can see them performing “Snuff” above, while more clips from the show can be seen after the jump.

Performing “The Antichrist”:



Performing “Temptation”:



In case you missed it, here’s some footage of Exodus’ Gary Holt filling in for Jeff Hanneman in Austrailia:


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