Eighteen videos to check out – 5/16

Posted by on May 16, 2021

08) Draconian – “The Sethian”



Draconian have unveiled a video for the song “The Sethian.” The track is taken from their latest effort, 2020’s Under A Godless Veil


Anders Jacobsson commented:

“The writing of ‘The Sethian’ started with Johan being inspired by a Nordic folk song. As the song transpired it mutated into a range of different variables and quite different for being a Draconian song. From bombastic and brutal, from doomy sadness to gothic soundscapes. The instrumentation and the vocal arrangements are poignant and commanding, something that marks ‘The Sethian’ as one – if not the most well-received song of our new album.”


09) Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – “Nachtblume”



German metallers Die Apokalyptischen Reiter have shared a video for their latest single “Nachtblume.” The track is taken from their upcoming album, The Divine Horsemen, out July 2nd via Nuclear Blast (pre-order here). 


The group commented:

“The blackness of the night and the force of the north winds have been the inspiration for Nachtblume (“Nightflower”). As its lyrics, Fuchs chose a poem from 1834, which was originally written by Joseph von Eichendorff. The speaker describes the uncontrollable emotions taking hold of them at night time. In a radical, eruptive burst the raw energy is condensed into one of the shortest Reiter tracks to ever be released.”


10) Van Canto cover Amon Amarth song “Raise Your Horns”


Van Canto have shared a video for their take on Amon Amarth’s “Raise Your Horns.” The cover track is taken from the group’s upcoming album, To The Power of Eight, out June 4th via Napalm Records. 


The group comments:

“’Raise Your Horns’ is a very special cover for us. For the first time Van Canto tackled a song where the lead vocals are consistently in the lowest growl register. Thanks to the constellation of having three lead singers, Hagen could spread out in the lead, while Inga can set high, almost orchestral accents and Sly leads the choir together with Jan. For the first time in a while it’s also a song where a “real” riff sets the direction, so that the Rakkatakka and bass singers are extremely busy as well. A great composition by Amon Amarth, that we gladly pay homage to.”


11) Sabaton – “Defense of Moscow”



Sabaton have released a video for their latest single “Defense of Moscow.” The track is a cover from Russian artist Radio Tapo. 


The group’s mastermind Pär Sundstrom commented: 

 “May 9 is celebrated as V-Day in Russia, the day to commemorate the victory over the Nazis in WW2.  This year, we participate in the memory of this event by releasing a song dedicated to the brave men who fought in the Battle of Moscow.  This track was originally written in Russian by our friend Radio Tapok.  It’s a very strong song and we thought it made sense that Sabaton should give it a try to make an honorable cover of this song. We are excited to also share the music video with you which shows the story of the Battle of Moscow in 1941.”


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