Top 10s of the year from Broken Hope, Eyehategod, Fear Factory, Armed for Apocalypse and more

Posted by on December 6, 2013

wilsonChad Nicefield of Wilson

These are in no particular order, and to tell you the truth I had to REALLY dig for these, I just didn’t get way excited about 2013’s releases…all of these records are totally boss though. Stoked for 2014!

Night Verses, Lift Your Existence 
These are my buds and I can’t be any prouder to say that. They put out what I and Wilson as a whole believe to be one of the most dynamic, intense records we have heard in quite some time. This is THEE ultimate jam! Don’t sleep here.

Clutch, Earth Rocker
It’s fucking Clutch! And they put out a killer Rock N Roll album. Just like a Rock N Roll album should be done. The way the drums came out on this records are ball shaking man. And Neil couldn’t sound better!

Red Fang, Whales And Leeches
At first listen I wasn’t impressed. After the 3rd track I turned it off. Then I accidentally had it on again while driving around Detroit. (I Still buy CD’s) And fell in love with it. Definitely takes a few listens…but my ass clenched up eventually for sure.

The Bronx, IV
SOLID release from these doods. I love the the guitar tones on this one. I think these doods have really came into their own. A bit more “laid back” but they are definitely a band that has grown with my taste-buds. I feel like their music matures at the same pace as my preference in tuneage.

Balance And Composure, The Things We Think We Are Missing
I had no idea who these doods were until Wilson played a fest with them. They were on right before us, and I was captivated. They are a bit more, say, emotional then my current taste. But, they do it perfectly in my opinion. They have that 90’s feel…dare I say Sunny Day meets Braid…which I love!

Kvelertak, Meir
I have no idea what this guy is saying but I fucking agree! This album plays a fuck ton in our stink box while on the road. The riffage is just so tasty! Definitely the night jams when you are jacked on Fireball, Jameson PBR and the lightnin’.

Queens Of The Stone Age, …Like Clockwork
This band can do no wrong. I salivate over everything Homme and Co. put out. They topped the charts this year man! That’s HUGE for a Rock band! A REAL Rock N Roll band! The future is hopeful in rock as long as bands take pointers from bands like Queens!

Chelsea Wolfe, Pain Is Beauty
I’m obsessed with her. I brought her to Detroit to play…and can’t stop digging for everything she has ever created. This record is dark bliss to me!

Dillinger Escape Plan, One Of Us Is The Killer
Dillinger Escape Plan puts out the best record every year they put out a record. The magic that they and Steve Evetts create in the studio is epic. Having recorded our record with Evetts and knowing his tricks, I can see the influence this band and Evetts have on each other. Chaotic boner city!

American Sharks, American Sharks
Got introduced to this band while on the road with Gypsyhawk a little bit ago. I had heard of them because they got a tour over us that we were trying to get…and then immediately was bummed on the band, until I listened to the record in Houston, TX in the parking lot of Fitzgeralds… and got my dick bitten off by their fucking gnar. This band has a great future ahead of them!

The-AnswerPaul Mahon and Cormac Neeson of The Answer:

10) The Winery Dogs, The Winery Dogs
No surprise that the musicianship is top notch but the quality of the songs and Richie Kotzen’s voice are incredible! Maybe Kotzen will become the star he’s always threatened to be off the back of this.

9) Noctum, Final Scarifice
Awesome sabbath/blue oyster cult doom influenced metal! Like Ghost without the cheese factor!

8) Scorpion Child, Scorpion Child
Killer rock n’ roll from Austin, Texas with production masterminded by Chris ‘frenchie’ Smith. Liqour is still the antidote to all my hangovers and Antioch should have lighters aloft in arenas very soon!

7) Dug Pinnick, Naked
Kings X legend’s solo opus, patchy in places but when it hits it brings you back to the heady days of Dogman and Faith, Hope, Love.

6) Clutch, Earth Rocker
What a great band. This album encapsulates all that is good about Clutch.

5) Biffy Clyro, Opposites
Not as good as their last one for me. But some great songs on there.

4) Alter Bridge, Fortress
The album that has finally broken these guys in Europe. Well deserved.

3) Tracer, El Pistolerro
Ozzy stoner rock at its best.

2) Pearl Jam, Lightning Bolt
These guys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

1) Kanye West, Yeezus
Yeah right!!

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