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Rick Rubin talks about working with Slayer, Danzig, Kerry King’s dislike of Beastie Boys

Posted by on February 11, 2016

Given the body of work he’s amassed already, not to mention his long, flowing gray beard, it’s hard to imagine that Rick Rubin is only 52 years old. In his 32 years of producing, he cofounded Def Jam, then American Recordings and he produced everything from Slayer’s Reign in Blood to Adele and Johnny Cash. On the eve […]

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Update: Slayer May Still Resign With American Recordings After All

Posted by on December 12, 2013

Yesterday, Tom Araya and Kerry King let it slip that Slayer are currently without a label. They even insinuated that they couldn’t get Rick Rubin or American Recordings to call them back. However, Slayer’s manager Rick Sales has just issued a statement claiming that the band hasn’t been ignored by their longtime label, and that […]

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Headbangers’ Brawl 12/12 – What label will Slayer reign on next?

Posted by on December 12, 2013

Headbangers’ Brawl is a column where Metal Insider’s contributors take a moment to debate and analyze two opposing sides of a topical issue occurring in the world of metal and/or the music industry. While it’s not particularly new news that Slayer was between labels, we’d initially thought it was because American Recordings might be deciding which label group […]

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Slayer without a label, no longer working with Rick Rubin?

Posted by on December 11, 2013

There’s been a lot of twist and turns in the world of Slayer this year. And now 2013 is ending on another surprise twist: Slayer appear to have parted ways with Rick Rubin and American Recordings. Slayer recently sat down with FUSE to provide insight into the new album, including returning drummer Paul Bostaph and […]

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Slayer to release individual albums on vinyl

Posted by on November 5, 2013

Three years ago, the perfect gift for any Slayer fan was The Vinyl Conflict, a now out-of-print collection of all of Slayer’s American Recordings albums. Starting with the band’s classic Reign in Blood and ending with their most recent album, World Painted Blood, the set was a really good summation of the majority of the band’s career, pressed […]

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Jeff Hanneman Memorial Takes Place Minus WBC

Posted by on May 24, 2013

[youtube]http://youtu.be/0rTgMpDeBeI[/youtube] You’ve gotta give the Westboro Baptist Church at least this: they know when they’re outnumbered. The Jeff Hanneman public memorial went off without a hitch last night, as several thousand mourners packed the Hollywood Palladium. Speakers for the event included Hanneman’s bandmate Kerry King, Metal Blade president Brian Slagel,  and former Grim Reaper guitarist […]

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Kerry King Explains The Delay In Slayer’s New Album [Spoiler: Partly Rick Rubin’s Fault]

Posted by on February 4, 2013

For the better part of 2012, we kept hearing “updates” on Slayer’s long-awaited follow up to 2009’s World Painted Blood. But by the end of the year, nothing surfaced. Hell, even the originally planned two-song EP never came to fruition. So what’s the hold up? Well during an interview with Eddie Trunk for Samson Zoom […]

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Slayer Releasing Vinyl Box Set

Posted by on August 17, 2010

Slayer is re-releasing their entire Def/American Recordings catalogue, which includes everything from Reign In Blood to World Painted Blood, on vinyl. This box set, dubbed The Vinyl Conflict, will be released on October 12.

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Slayer Releases Artwork

Posted by on September 16, 2009

Slayer has released the artwork for their new album World Painted Blood.

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