Members of Anthrax, Trivium, Pierce the Veil and more preview NFL season

Posted by on September 8, 2016


Jason Moreno, Drowning Pool

What team should we be keeping our eyes on this year?


Jason Moreno, Drowning Pool:  “The Cowboys – cuz I’m a born-and-raised Dallas fan. Keep your eyes on Dak Prescott this season!”


Richie Cavalera, Incite: Keep your eyes on the Cardinals this year. Our entire roster is back from last season and we even added a few killers. We almost reached the Super Bowl, so with the upgrades, it’s a lock this year. Plus we have the best coach in the game, Bruce Arians!


Cory Bileau, Trivium: Jaguars/Raiders. Over the last few years, both teams have done a great job of drafting young, key players and also spending cap money on veteran players to strengthen the roster. After a few years of good drafts and all the young talent gaining experience, I think both teams have a legit shot at contending for a wild card spot and even fighting for a division crown.


Shayley Bourget, Dayshell: “As far as keeping an eye out for at team, The Packers are always a safe bet to keep your eye on. But then again it’s way early in the season to tell. Let’s give it a few more weeks.”


Jason Goss, Toothgrinder: Not an obvious favorite, but I like the New York Giants this year. I don’t see them putting up a crazy regular season record, but I do see them going 10-6 and making a serious run in the playoffs. Eli knows how to turn it up when it matters and his wide receivers and offensive line have only gotten better. The real key to the G-Men this year is the revamped defense. Their front office spent more money in free agency than any other team and it all went towards defensive players. I see that unit coming together by mid-season and being much improved from an embarrassing 2015 outing. Don’t be surprised if you are still watching Big Blue take the field late into January.


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The Color Morale

Devin King, The Color Morale: I have to go with the home team, the Packers. We have the best QB in the league, Aaron Rodgers. Eddie Lacy has been doing P90x and laying off the Krispy Kremes, and is looking better than ever. We also get Jordy Nelson back from his injury. Our offense will be unstoppable, and the defense has made improvements as well. It’s time to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to its rightful home in Green Bay!



Brian Burkheiser, I Prevail: I’m keeping an eye on the Carolina Panthers. It will be interesting to see if Cam Newton can keep up the pace he set last year.


Charlie Benante, Anthrax: I always watch HBO’s Hard Knocks, it’s one of my favorite shows. This year they featured the Rams, I think they have a good shot.


Jamie Preciado, Pierce the Veil: Honestly, I think the LA Rams will be fun to watch. It’s been 21 years since they had an NFL team and I know they’re hungry for a good team. It’s gonna be a great season to watch and see how well they do. Anything better than the Raiders is good for me.


Geoff Thorpe, Vicious Rumors: The Raiders!! Derrick Carr is the best QB we’ve had in years!! The team and the fans love him and they had there best season in 12 years last year! They almost made the playoffs!! Look out for the silver and black!! I’m pretty sure the Raiders will provoke several cases of ” Concussion Protocol ” all season long!!! So support the team and buy the album!!! Let’s kick some ass!!



Renee Phoenix, Fit For Rivals

Renee Phoenix, Fit For Rivals: I’m of course going to have to say the Steelers. With Big Ben throwing the ball to Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell running, they should be in the Super Bowl this year. Bell is out first 3 games because of drugs so we have DeAngelo Williams running the ball who is older, but just as good as Bell!


T-Bone, Voodoo Terror Tribe: Watch out for Green Bay in the NFC and keep an eye on the Houston Texans in the AFC.


Camden Cruz, Seven Kingdoms: Keep an eye on the Pats because of Tom Brady. He is going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder when he returns because of deflategate.


Richard Christy: The Kansas City Chiefs of course! They had an amazing run last year and won their first playoffs game since 1994 (God I got so drunk that day) and I have a feeling this is their year! Andy Reid has to have learned clock management by now and with Jamaal Charles back (and hopefully healthy for the season) I think the Chiefs are unstoppable! I’m taking my wife and my parents to the Christmas Night Chiefs vs. Broncos game at Arrowhead so look on TV for a drunken Kansas metalhead!


Alan Stokes, All Hail the Yeti: I mean, I have to say the Eagles, although people are saying they are rebuilding. I think it will be really interesting to watch Carson Wentz lead the offense after the recent trade of Sam Bradford. I have always found it exciting watching young players with a lot of talent proving themselves in the show. That being said, I think everyone will be watching the Carolina Panthers this year as they are, in my opinion, one of the top teams going into the season. Plus, after how their season ended last year, Cam Newton has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and that will be exciting to watch. My turn around team would have to be the Oakland Raiders. Raiders like newcomer Bruce Irvin have declared that the team has a real chance to take over the AFC West this year, and it looks like the confidence is widespread among the roster. Also, I feel that QB Derek Carr has a little more experience and a lot to show the league, as well as his team. To round it up, I always have my eyes on teams like the Patriots (post-Brady suspension), Seahawks and Packers! Happy Sunday, everyone!


Stu Gili-Ross: I could be biased here and say the Bears, as I think there have been some great moves in acquiring talent in the off-season, especially on defense. However, as is too often the case, the Bears have a lot of holes and lack of depth shown by the large amount of injuries in training camp and the pre-season. Its football and it happens. Bears aside, I think the Tampa Bay Bucaneers might turn a few heads this season. Jameis Winston is coming into his second year and showing a lot of promise, Lovie Smith ( had to get a Bears connection in there ) has always been a strong defensive minded coach and I think they will come out as a much more well rounded and determined team this season. Interested to watch the Cowboys with rookie Dak Prescott under center this year too, he could do some amazing things.


Jake Oni: Look to Seattle and Denver as Super Bowl favorites, and as for up and coming teams, I would say Houston and Jacksonville.


David DeFeis, Virgin Steele: The team that is involved with trying to find a cure for cancer and all the other various ills that plague humanity.

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