Tracii Gun’s Version Of L.A. Guns Part Ways With Singer…Again

Posted by on December 12, 2011

Well that was fast. It’s being reported that Tracii Gun’s version of L.A. Guns parted ways with singer Dilana Robichaux sometime last week…less than three months after she joined the band. While an official explanation hasn’t been given yet, Robichaux is claiming it was anything but amicable.

In a posting on her Facebook page (note: the original posting has since been removed), the former Rock Star: Supernova contestant claimed that “I never quit. Tracii walked out saying ‘thank you, it was fun while it lasted’. This band is a fuck’n joke.” She later said via another Facebook posting that she has written notes about her time on this “fucked up L.A. Guns tour,” and hinted that it could be published soon.

While Robichaux is obviously infuriated with the split, Tracii played down the recent shakeup in the band via the following posting on Facebook:

“Doni [Gray, drummer] and I are sitting here reflecting on what a magical time we had with Dilana singing. We were told by everyone that it was taking a huge chance musically. That’s what it’s all about right? Taking chances! It was truely the best L.A. Guns I ever heard on stage hands down. I’m glad I took the chance and I’m glad it’s captured on video because now I can truely watch those videos and go WoW! Sometimes the greatest art comes from the madness and this was the case here . I know Dilana is ripping on every aspect of the situation and I know that’s how she vents so I am ok with it. I am glad alot of people got to see it live because I know it ruled. We are sad that it has to end so soon but, everything happens for a reason and we feel like we broke some ground just for arts sake and it fealt great! On to the next thing and into the Christmas season we go!”

While he speaks highly of his now former singer, he didn’t touch upon why his version of L.A. Guns split with Robichaux in the first place. One thing is for certain, though: Tracii’s band is continuing forward. Though Robichaux claimed that the tour was canceled, Guns confirmed that the band will continue the tour with former Blacklist Union singer Tony West. Those thinking that Tracii is done playing with TV stars can guess again, though, as Metal Sludge has discovered that West has had his fair share of TV time as well.

Best of luck to Tracii and his Guns, because a band that makes Axl Rose and his Guns look stable needs all the help they can get. You can watch footage of L.A. Guns performing with Dilana after the jump.



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