Down’s Jimmy Bower Confirms Rex Brown Isn’t Returning

Posted by on June 22, 2011

Interview with Jimmy Bower about Down… by HecticCase

It’s news that we’ve all pretty much figured out by now, but that the members of Down have been somewhat tiptoeing around for the past month or so. They’ve all confirmed that bassist Rex Brown’s personal issues have taken him away from Down’s recent tour dates, but kept mum on whether Brown would return to the fold. However, in a recent Metalchroniques.fr, drummer Jimmy Bower confirmed that Brown would indeed not return to Down.

You can watch the entire interview up top, but when asked about Brown’s status (at the 9:05 mark), Bower had the following to say:

“It’s a real delicate situation, because what he went through was really… I mean, he’s got a scar from here [points to his stomach] all the way to here [ed. note: at this point Bower is referring to Brown’s Acute Pancreatitis]. We just wish him to find peace within himself and be healthy, and we weren’t seeing that for Down. We have Pat [Bruders] now. Pat’s playing bass. Pat’s from New Orleans. Makes sense. He plays with Crowbar as well.

We love Rex to death, man, and wish him the best. He has a new project as well — Kill Devil Hill with Vinny Appice— and I know he’s having fun doing that. He gave Pat his blessing, so it was on a good term. But he will not be back.”

Bower also confirmed that Bruders will be featured on Down’s four new EPs, which  recording for will supposedly start in August. While an official statement from Down or Brown about the issue has yet been released, Bower’s statement pretty much confirms what by now we’ve all expected. Brown, who joined the band in 1999, is out of Down. We’ll keep you posted if anything more develops.

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