It came as a pretty big surprise when frontman David Draiman revealed that Disturbed was going on a hiatus following their stint on Mayhem Fest this past Summer. While both fans and fellow musicians have weighed in on the “indefinite hiatus,” it still wasn’t clear as to how long Disturbed would actually be gone. Well apparently guitarist Dan Donegan isn’t too sure either.

When discussing the band’s new B-sides/rarities album The Lost Children in an interview with Billboard, Donegan gave some insight into their planned hiatus. While he did clarify that the band wasn’t stopping to pursue new projects (at least he wasn’t), he also admitted that he wasn’t sure as to how long the break would actually last, saying “I don’t know if it will be six months or six years or whatever. I really don’t. It’s kind of scary to me to think, ‘What if we don’t return?’ That part of it bothers me.” He also added the following:

“My hopes are if we’re away from it long enough we’re gonna want it that much more. I like to think that as much as we’ve done together and how good the chemistry has been in the band, there’s going to come a time — hopefully sooner than later — that we’re gonna turn around and say, ‘Man, I f***in’ miss this. I want to get back there.’ I’ll be surprised if that doesn’t happen, really.”

While it would surprise us as well if Disturbed doesn’t return at all (they are, after all, one of the few metal acts able to sell a crap load of albums), there’s still the chance of not seeing them for a long time. We guess The Lost Children, which hits stores on November 8, will have to hold us over for a while.