Track by Track Rating & Review: Metallica’s ‘The Blacklist’

Posted by on October 13, 2021


34) “Through The Never”

Artist: Tomi Owó

Description: This is kind of a cool cover, but an emphasis on kind of. Tomi’s voice is strong and soaring, which matches this song’s style and lyrical content nicely. What brings it up a level, though, is an outro, something. I can’t really call it an outro solo, but whatever it is, it adds some crunch and feeling to keep this track short and sweet.

Rating: 4/5




35) “Nothing Else Matters”

Artist: Phoebe Bridgers

Description: It’s acceptable without being spectacular. There’s nothing at all that stands out about it, nor anything I can point to as a specific criticism besides that it’s a bit boring. The inherent beauty of James’ writing comes through on Phoebe’s breathy take, but with a dozen versions of this song in this collection, this one doesn’t leave an imprint.

Rating: 3/5




36) “Nothing Else Matters”

Artist: Miley Cyrus (Ft. Chad Smith, Elton John, Robert Trujillo, ​watt & Yo‐Yo Ma)

Description: The first Blacklist track most of us heard still stands out on this record even after 52 other songs. Miley hits James’ high notes with grit and ferocity that cuts to your core. You can’t not feel it, especially with a quartet of world-class musicians laying down a heavy atmosphere.

Rating: 5/5




37) “Nothing Else Matters”

Artist: Dave Gahan

Description: Nicely ethereal and with a texture that grows in intensity as the song goes on. It’s a bit slow, spaced out, and borderline boring, but it’s also well done and indisputably pretty.

Rating: 3/5




38) “Nothing Else Matters”

Artist: Mickey Guyton

Description: Spectacularly produced, it does everything the preceding track does but better. The highs are soaring, the lows are crunchy, and the guitars scream alongside Mickey’s breathy vocals. It would be a standout track if there weren’t so many other standout covers of this song here, but I think it’s the 3rd strongest Nothing Else Matters here at best.

Rating: 5/5




39) “Nothing Else Matters”

Artist: Dermot Kennedy

Description: Intensely beautiful, if you’re into that kind of thing. The instrumentation and vocals are both heartfelt, and Dermot more than does justice to the original. But with a dozen interpretations of the song on this record, it doesn’t quite stand out among the top.

Rating: 4/5




40) “Nothing Else Matters”

Artist: Mon Laferte

Description: I’m a sucker for my favorite songs sang in other languages, and this one is done well. The wind instruments on the open are heavenly, and the vocals are beautiful and tantalizingly familiar yet strange.

Rating: 4/5




41) “Nothing Else Matters”

Artist: Igor Levit

Description: Piano instrumentals can be nice if the pianist plays spectacularly enough to cover the lack of other instruments and vocals. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. This straight-up elevator music can be skipped.

Rating: 2/5



42) “Nothing Else Matters”

Artist: My Morning Jacket

Description: I don’t have words vile enough for this travesty. Listen to it at your own risk. But don’t really. It’s not worth it. If you’ll excuse me, I have to purge my ears with some Slayer.

Rating: 1/5




43) “Nothing Else Matters”

Artist: PG Roxette (Ft. Dea Norberg & Helena Josefsson) 

Description: A downbeat electronic cover with just a drop of guitar to add sizzle. It’s got a deep groove, heavy synth, and a bit of a Pink Floydy midsection. The ending vocal improvisations are a nice touch as well.

Rating: 5/5




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