You may already be familiar with the asshole bigoted protest group known as the Westboro Baptist Church. In addition to protesting  funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq, gays, and Jewish people, they are also the same group that protested Ronnie James Dio’s funeral. Yep, those guys.

Well, it appears that they’ve been gaining more attention since their activities have turned into a “free speech” debate. More recently, the group has been protesting at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the Snyder v. Phelps Supreme Court Hearing on October 6. At a press conference during the hearings, two of founder Fred Phelp’s daughters paraphrased lyrics from Ozzy Osbourne’s  “Crazy Train.” You can hear audio at

Luckily, we aren’t the only ones who found this disturbing. Shortly after this occurred, the Prince Of Darkness himself said the following in response:

“I am sickened and disgusted by the use of ‘Crazy Train’ to promote messages of hate and evil by a ‘church,'”

Ozzy words pretty much sum up all that needs to be said. I personally could go further about how screwed up this “church” and their actions are, but their actions have done enough to prove that. Plus, they don’t deserve any more attention than I’m already giving them.

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