Didn’t think that the NBA’s lock out had much effect on metal/ hard rock? Guess again, as Alice Cooper’s restaurant is losing a lot of bank thanks to the lack of a basketball season.

For those unaware, the Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer opened a sports bar and restaurant called Alice Cooperstown in Phoenix, AZ back in 1998. Essentially, it mixes the flare of the Hard Rock Café (with memorabilia – Alice’s and others – plastered on the wall) with a sports bar vibe. Even the waiters wear the famous Alice Cooper eye makeup. In addition to attracting rock fans in the city, Alice Cooperstown gains enormous traffic from its prime spot right next to the US Airways Arena (where the Phoenix Suns normally play) and Chase Field (where the Arizona Diamondbacks play).

Thanks to the NBA lockout, though, the restaurant has lost a lot of business during a time they’d normally would be doing well. In fact, according to Arizona’s ABC 15, the Phoenix Suns’ game against the LA Lakers alone would have brought in $10,000. But with no basketball games taking place across the street, the restaurant keeps losing more business and staff (many of whom left because there are simply no shifts available). “No matter how prepared we are, no matter how much money we sock away, we’re still losing a tremendous amount. We’ll keep the doors open but it’s going to hurt. We’re going to notice it. It’s not a joke,” Alice Cooperstown manager Ryan Rowland told ABC 15.

Rowland also claims that if the NBA lockout continues on and more games are canceled, then Alice Cooperstown expects to easily lose more than $500,000. Unfortunately, though, an NBA season taking place this year at all looks even less likely now that the player’s association union plans to disband in preparation for filing an antitrust lawsuit against the league. The restaurant/bar is hoping that the US Airways Arena will be able to book concerts and special events to offset the loss left by the basketball lockout.

You can watch ABC 15’s video report of Alice Cooperstown’s recent struggle thanks to the NBA lockout after the jump.