photo-original2) Hetherington Toast Party 

Toast parties are a tradition in my family, from the simple peanut butter and honey to this more exotic approach. For me, its all about the flavors and the conversation.

-Hand slice a few pieces of ancient grain bread from your local bakery.

-Smear with chèvre (goat cheese) and again with beet cashew butter.

-Fry an egg in a cast iron pan.

-Top with spring onions, peas, thin radish slices, what ever fresh ingredients you have around. Sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and a healthy streak of Beet Habanero Hot Sauce.


3) Raw Cranberry Sauce

This is my grandmother’s recipe kicked up a notch with Habanero Hot Sauce. So simple, so delicious with holiday turkey!

-Slice an orange (skin included) into 8 wedges.

-Cup your hands and fill with fresh cranberries. (frozen will work)

-Process well in a blender or food processor.

-Add honey or agave to taste, for me it’s a 1/4 cup.

-1 teaspoon of peach habanero hot sauce for a little bite.

Raw, delicious!