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It feels like every once in a while singer Dan Nelson will come out of the woodwork for a few seconds to “express” his feelings regarding Anthrax (the band he lasted two years in). And now, as Anthrax’s long awaited new album Worship Music is being redone with Joey Bellladonna, Nelson has popped his head back out with a comment regarding his work with Anthrax.

In a new series of postings via his Facebook account (which he deleted shortly afterwards), Nelson felt the need to talk about Anthrax and the Worship Music he recorded on once again. You can read Nelson’s entire posting over at Blabbermouth, but he’s a snippet of what he said:

“I just heard Worship Music for the first time with my [vocals]. [And] while I understand the ‘Big 4’ cash grab, I hope the fans get to hear this. THEY MORE THAN DESERVE IT. And, for the record, that’s not a knock on Joey; he’s gonna sound killer on anything he does… he always has.”

We may not get to hear Worship Music with Nelson any time soon, but fans got their first taste of Nelson’s other new projects this past weekend. BlackGates, Nelson’s new metal project with Testament/ex-Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph, is streaming their first demo called “Seeds Of War” online, while live video footage of Nelson’s other band Farewell To Washington has been posted online as well. While Farewell To Washington has more of a rock feel to it, BlackGates will definitely please metal fans and actually sounds pretty good for a demo. In other words, if want to hear what Nelson would sound like with Anthrax in the studio, BlackGates is the closest you’ll get out of his two new projects.

You can listen to the new BlackGates song above, while you can check out video clips of Farewell To Washington live after the jump.