Ok, this is getting ridiculous! Let’s recap…in October of 2010, White Wizzard released a new single featuring new singer Peter Ellis, thus marking the band’s third lineup since forming in 2007. Then just five months later, Ellis left the group due to visa issues that would prevent him from long term touring. Ellis was replaced by his predecessor Wyatt “The Screamin’ Demon” Anderson (who left the group earlier in 2010). Now, the old school metal loving band has revealed that they’ve once AGAIN parted ways with Anderson.

White Wizzard said the following via Facebook:

“Wyatt Anderson wrote White Wizzard 3 weeks before tour and said he did not want to tour for personal, health and family reasons. This well after tour was booked and his flights. Mike has stepped in and is doing a stellar job. There will be a full press release soon. Ask wyatt for further explanation.”

The band is currently on the road opening for San Fran thrash legends Forbidden with former Cellador frontman Mike Germino, who actually replaced Anderson the first time around last year before being replaced by Ellis. Video of Germino singing with White Wizzard has been posted online.

Keep in mind that White Wizzard have only released one full length album and two EPs in a three year time-span. And within that time, they’ve gone through four singers alone (not even going to try and count how many guitarists have been in the band), with bassist/founding member Jon Leon serving as the only original member. Only Guns N’ Roses and Deep Purple go through as many members within a short time frame as White Wizzard. And like Deep Purple, White Wizzard has split with members, reunited with them, and split with them again. Oy vey, all this talk of musical chairs is giving me a headache.