Metal Insider’s Jeff Podoshen presents his Top 5 Black Metal Albums of the Decade (2010-2019)

Posted by on December 26, 2019

03)  1349, Massive Cauldron of Chaos (Indie Recordings – 2014)

The record demonstrates just how far 1349 came in terms of their sound, songwriting, and musicianship. Sure, their releases leading up to MCoC were nothing to slouch at, but this record is a thrashy, riff-heavy exercise in speed with appropriate restraint.

Key Track:  “Mengele’s”



02)  Watain, Lawless Darknes(Season of Mist – 2010)

There’s something magical about this record. Black magical, perhaps.  Amazing guitar tone here and lyrics that you aren’t ever going to forget.

Key Track:  “Malfeitor”



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