Two weeks ago, Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was sentence to 15 days of jail time and another 15 days of house arrest for a DUI arrest back in June of 2010. Neil doesn’t turn himself in to the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas until February 15, but has told that he already has learned his lesson. “I made a mistake, and I have to finally learn my lesson and go do a little bit of time. I’ve already learned my lesson,” the 49 year old singer told

Not to beat a dead member of Hanoi Rocks horse, but wouldn’t you think that he should have learned his lesson back in 1984 when his drunk driving cost Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley’s life? We’re not saying that Neil doesn’t feel remorse, but this still isn’t the first time that his issues with alcohol abuse have popped up in the media. After his month long sentence, we truly hope that Neil attempts to seek out help for his addiction and finally is able to overcome them. We at Metal Insider can only guess what goes on in Vince Neil’s mind, but upon killing someone as a result of drunk driving, we’re pretty sure we would never do it again.