Lita Ford On Performing With The Les Paul Trio, Her New Live Album, And Parental Alienation

Posted by on June 28, 2013

You have a live album coming out, but you did something unique where you asked fans to contribute photos to it. What inspired you to do that?

Well the fans have been sending in so many cool pictures on my Facebook. They send in the best pictures. Everyone I’ve picked out so far has been by fans. My manager came up with the idea. He said “Why don’t we just do a contest?” And I thought “Well, what a great idea!” That way, we’ll actually be able to dedicate the record to the fans, which it is. In my own handwriting, it will say “Dedicated to…” and their photographs and their photo credits and them in the audience. Without them, I wouldn’t be me. This is why we really wanted to make it personal.


Do you have a favorite photograph that stood out?

I do have a favorite photograph. I think I’ve got it on my computer. But it’s not one that anybody really wants to use.


Why’s that?

Because they’re wrong! [editor’s note: at this point, Lita tries to pull the image up on her computer without any luck]


What is the photo of?

Well if you can see [points to the screen], I’m reaching out into the audience and there’s a hand reaching back. I was just able to get the tip of this guy’s fingers, and we’re holding like this [shows with her own hands] and I’m singing at the same time. It’s really great… It just really touches my heart, that one’s my favorite so far. Maybe we’ll put it in the inside [of the album] or something.


Was it a little overwhelming to see the enormous response you got from fans with all the photos.

No. It was nice. There are drawings that have come in, and pictures from The Runaways.


So it wasn’t just pictures from recent years.

Oh, no. It doesn’t matter. There are no laws, no rules. If you’ve got a Lita picture, send it in because the album is fun. It’s a fun and up-tempo, and we want to be able to capture that in the photographs.

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