Nicolas Cage’s Son Hospitalized For Mental Evaluation

Posted by on June 9, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Weston Cage, the son of National Treasure star Nicolas Cage, was taken to a Los Angeles hospital after an altercation broke out between him and his physical trainer. Cage reportedly started pushing his trainer outside at The Farmer’s Kitchen in Hollywood after a disagreement regarding what Cage could and couldn’t eat. Cops were called to the scene when the trainer and an unidentified individual failed to calm Cage down. Cage complied with the cops after they threatened to tase him, and was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. It is unknown if he was under the influence of any substance, though bystanders who witnessed the altercation said he appeared to be.

At this point you should be questioning why in the world we’re reporting on Nicolas Cage’s son getting arrested and sent to the hospital. Are we such die-hard fans of Ghost Rider? Well, no we’re not… at all. But as you may recall, young Weston is also known as “Arcane,” is the singer of the black metal band Eyes of Noctum. A message on the band’s MySpace page posted back in March of this year stated that the band’s new album Narcoma was at the time nearly done and would be released at some point this year. How Weston’s current situation will affect the release is unclear. Eyes of Noctum’s debut album Inceptum was recorded by Fredrik Nordstrom and features appearance from Hellhammer (Mayhem, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir) and Snowy Shaw (Therion, King Diamond).

On a side note, we are shocked by the news of Weston’s arrest and hospitalization. You mean to tell us that the offspring of this guy would go berserk in public? No way……

[via E! Online and TMZ]

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