Members Of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dropkick Murphys, All Shall Perish And More Talk Playing Orion

Posted by on June 7, 2013

  Jason Decay, Cauldron

Compare playing a festival like Orion Fest to doing an actual tour.

Well, we’re still gonna roll up in our van but we’re probably going to play for as many people at Orion as we would on an entire tour of our own. There’s also seems to almost the same amount of paperwork and advancing involved with Orion as an entire tour.

Aside from Metallica, what band are you most looking forward to seeing?

None. I was hoping they’d throw on Raven, Diamond Head or the King for good measure, but I was pretty disappointed with the lineup considering its Metallica’s festival. From what I can tell, we’re the only band that has something in common with Metallica musically. I’m still excited as shit that we’re playing, though.

How did you first discover Metallica?

My next door neighbor was cranking them when I was a kid, them and ‘DC. That stuff stuck to me like glue from the first time I heard “Four Horsemen.” We were building forts and sleeping out in the backyard and he invited me over for pancakes the next morning and I was like, “can we put that Metallica stuff on again” and “what’s your favorite Metallica song?” and he was like “they’re all the best!”



Scott Hill, Fu Manchu

Before this year, it’d been a while since Fu Manchu toured. Compare playing a festival like this to doing a typical tour.

We were actually busy touring Europe and the States. We were playing our 1996 In Search Of… record from start to finish live. Festivals are cool because you can play in front of a lot of people and usually have a big stage to move around on. It’s a little more hectic doing festivals because everything needs to run sort of on time where club shows are a lot looser…..

Aside from Metalica, what band are you most looking forward to seeing?

FLAG! Black Flag is my favorite band of all-time and seeing these guys who were there when it was happening is going to be great. I’m also a big Deftones fan and I would like to see Vista Chino.

How did you first discover Metallica?

Well, at the time they started I was and still am heavily into early 1980’s hardcore/punk stuff. First Metallica song I heard was “Welcome Home(Sanitarium).” I was picking my friend up to go surfing early in the morning and I pulled up to his house and, I was listening to Circle Jerks, Negative Approach, Void, Minor Threat on cassette and I ejected the tape before I turned off my car, and for a split second I heard that Metallica song right before I turned off my car. And it was right as that song gets heavy, so I listened to it all the way through and I thought that it was very heavy, even though I didn’t like metal at all. I think “Master Of Puppets” is the only Metallica record I own and I still think it’s a very heavy sounding record!!!! Black Flag’s Damaged is still the heaviest record ever though!!!!!



Brant Bjork, Vista Chino

What’s the difference between playing the Orion Fest and doing a whole tour?

One show instead of thirty.

Aside from Metallica, what band are you most looking forward to seeing?

The band I’m most looking forward to seeing… is any band that I’m able to catch.

How did you first discover Metallica?

I was turned on to Metallica in the summer of 1983 by a friend in San Diego. I played him a cassette of D.O.A’s War On 45 and he upped me with Kill ‘Em All.

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