Metal Insider’s Top 5: Responses To Randy Blythe’s Charges From Bands On Mayhem Fest

Posted by on July 30, 2012

3. Upon A Burning Body’s Danny:

When asked about his thoughts on the matter:

“People have to understand that with a band at that level, there’s a certain amount of security that needs to be enforced for the artists’ safety. There’s only five guys up there and thousands of people that want to…the artists can get hurt, and I feel like maybe with this situation, there should have taken more precautions…Maybe make the barrier longer out or more security so that no one could even get on the stage and that won’t happen. It’s a tragic thing that that kid did die because of doing that, but doing that at the same time I think it’s a little bit of a misunderstanding.

You don’t know why somebody’s going to jump up there and what they’re going to do when they’re right there. Hopefully they’ll just make it a little more safe for everyone. And nobody needs to be on that stage to watch, not to jump on… It’s a touchy thing, but if you go either way with it, we just try to do the best we can to hope that he can get out and be okay, because we love Lamb of God.”

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