Metal Insider Top 5: Evan Seinfeld’s And Rusty Coones’ (Attika 7) Top Motorcycles

Posted by on June 18, 2012

Rusty’s #2: Illusion Hellrazor Bagger (again)

For touring in style with the best in looks, I’d pick the Illusion Hellrazor Bagger. This is a stretched touring bike with saddlebags. It has a 26 inch front wheel, a 114 inch motor, a six speed transmission, and stretched saddlebags. All black paint.


Evan’s #2: Harley Davidson DYNA

My daily rider, Harley Davidson DYNA club style street bob, all blacked out with thunderheader, Wanaryd wheels 18 and 21, illusion fairing, bars and custom parts, of course, customized by my lead guitarist Rusty Coones from Illusion Motorcycles.

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