Metal Insider Top 5: double albums released separately

Posted by on January 19, 2015

Mezmerize-Hypnotize3) System of a Down, Mezmerize and Hypnotize

After their first two albums put them on the map, System of a Down’s third album was a hastily-released version of Toxicity b-sides released as Steal This Album! that were re-recorded after the initial sessions had made their way onto the internet. In 2005, the  band released a proper follow-up, a double album with one half released in May and the follow-up coming out in November. The albums were designed in such away that the artwork combined so that the two albums connected as one album.

Both albums debuted at #1, with Mezmerize selling 800,000 copies worldwide in its first week. And while the albums were both popular, they proved to be the last music the band released before a hiatus in 2006. The four reunited in 2010, have toured, and be doing more touring, but they still haven’t recorded a follow-up to these albums.

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