Phil Anselmo’s Head Busted Open Onstage, But The Show Goes On!

Posted by on April 29, 2011


In order to make it big, musicians have to put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making a living out of music. Well Phil Anselmo certainly put a lot of blood on the line last night. Down were performing at the Best Buy Theater in New York City last night when guitarist Pepper Keenan accidentally hit Anselmo with his guitar while performing “lifer”, busting open the singer’s head. Despite the bleeding, Anselmo kept going.

Dave “Snake”Sabo, Skid Row guitarist and artist manager at Down’s management company (McGhee Entertainment), reported the following about the incident via Twitter:

“Holy shit! Pepper Keenan just hit Anselmo in the head w/ his gtr by accident & busted Philips head open! Blood all over the place! But they keep going!! Fucking awesome! It looks like Mick Foley got busted up by @IAmJericho in a steel cage match!! Classic!”

Sirius XM personality Jose Mangin, who was also in attendance, tweeted the following live from the incident:

“Wow!!! Phil Anselmo from @downnola is bleeding all over his head! Pepper’s guitar nailed his dome during Lifer, which he dedicated 2 Dime!”

It must have been insane to see Anselmo carry on after getting his head busted in. It’s just further proof that Anselmo is still a bad ass after all these years.  Luckily for us who weren’t in attendance, we can at least see pictures and video of the aftermath. Pictures of the bloodied Anselmo performing on stage taken by Bran Bardes of Bardes Eye Photography can be seen online. Video of Ansemlo performing after the incident and with a bloody head can be seen above and below after the jump.





[videos via alexcliffshows]

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