Metal Insider contributor Riley Rowe’s Top 10 albums of 2015

Posted by on December 1, 2015

Shining_IBS_Front_0007) Shining, International Blackjazz Society (Spinefarm Records)

The triple threat for ‘Best Avant-Garde Metal’ is split between 6:33, Arcturus, and Shining. All were great, yet Shining arrives as the winner! My guilty pleasure for things that push boundaries in odd directions within whimsically wacky song structures is the driving force behind the decision. And in all honesty, I can’t remember the last metal album that began with a blaring saxophone solo so well.

Favorite track: “The Last Stand” (Apple/Spotify)


intronaut6) Intronaut, The Direction of Last Things (Century Media Records)

Yet another 1 on 1 match is declared for ‘Best Post-Metal’ with Intronaut and Minsk going head to head. The vague parameters of the genre make this feel like comparing apples and oranges, but I think it becomes obvious who made the bigger impact. Everyone’s raving about this one and it’s no surprise as it seems to be both the most alluring and innovative from the band yet. I’m giving it to Intronaut for the incredible amount of intelligence and experimentation put into each track.

Favorite track: “Fast Worms” (Apple/Spotify)


Cattle_Decapitation_-_The_Anthropocene_Extinction5) Cattle Decapitation, The Anthropocene Extinction (Metal Blade Records)

This year’s nominations for ‘Best Grind’ go to Antigama, Cattle Decapitation, Extreme Noise Terror, Fuck the Facts, and Napalm Death. It was a tough decision, but the winner is Cattle Decap (and yes, technically they are deathgrind, but blur the lines a little for me, will ya?). Sometimes metal seems to be a bit stuck in its ways, but with the extreme and inventive sides of the spectrum meshing together on this LP, it is undeniable that this stands above the rest.

Favorite track: “Plagueborne” (Apple/Spotify)


Fear Factory - Genexus 150x1504) Fear Factory, Genexus (Nuclear Blast)

Author & Punisher, Fear Factory, Killing Joke, Lindemann, Marilyn Manson are set as this year’s ‘Best Industrial’ nominations. Sadly, I’ll admit the health of this genre is on life support, but Fear Factory’s victory as the leading LP keeps the style running in tip top shape. The stereotypical traits of the band are very much present in Genexus, but it is the fresh delivery that keeps me coming back.

Favorite track: “Dielectric” (Apple/Spotify)

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