Video: Fans In India Riot After Metallica’s Concert Gets Postponed

Posted by on October 28, 2011


Metallica was supposed to perform their first show ever in India tonight. However, the show (which was to have taken place in Gurgaon) had to be postponed till the following night. While organizers are blaming “technical issues” for the postponement, many believed it was due to the damage caused by the surge of 20,000 people who arrived at the show.

According to Rolling Stone India, the large crowd reportedly caused the barricades to collapse, causing several injuries in the process. The rush of the crowd entering the venue further did damage to the barricade in front of the stage. It was only around 6pm when organizers supposedly announced the show’s postponement. Considering that many already in attendance traveled across the country for the show, fans were rightfully frustrated. The announcement led to a full on riot, with fans setting fire to banners and damaging equipment near the stage.

While fan filmed footage of the riots are hard to watch, one particular Indian news cast makes it hard for us to not laugh. “It was meant to be a rocking musical evening with fans swaying to Metallica’s beat,” the news anchor proclaims. We’re sorry, but this might be the best news report we’ve seen in a while. You can watch the Indian news report of the riot above, while fan filmed videos can be seen after the jump. 



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