Steven Tyler Tries To Convice Matt Lauer That He’s Sober, Discusses Fall In Paraguay On ‘The Today Show’

Posted by on October 27, 2011

In case you missed it, the Aerosmith frontman/American Idol judge had a little slip this past Tuesday (October 25) in his hotel room’s shower in Paraguay. The accident resulted in a bruised face and a few missing teeth, and also forced the band to reschedule the band’s show to the following day. Though Steven Tyler’s fall was blamed on dehydration caused by food poisoning, there was reasonable concern that the singer had possibly fallen off the sober wagon.

That would explain why Tyler went into damage control mode and appeared via phone on NBC’s The Today Show this morning (October 27). In addition to explaining what happened and sharing a few photos of him following the fall (including the one above), Tyler addressed allegations that the accident was a result of drug use. While admitting that he understands why such claims could be made, he reassured interview Matt Lauer that food poisoning was to blame for the slip, saying that anyone on substances wouldn’t be able to fly from Paraguay to Argentina in two hours and also appear on The Today Show. When Lauer pressed further on the issue and asked “So you’re clean and sober? That’s not the issue?”, Tyler simply replied “No, it’s not the issue.”

You can watch Tyler’s interview on this morning’s The Today Show in the video below. Fan filmed footage of Tyler performing with Aerosmith in Paraguay following the fall after the jump.


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