Steven Tyler Performs Aerosmith Classic…Without Aerosmith

Posted by on May 26, 2011


You have a new solo album coming out soon, with a video for your first single already out. This is your chance to not only perform in front of millions of people on national TV, but also your chance to get yourself out of the shadow of your previous band. Given this opportunity, you’d perform the hell out of that new solo single, right?!

Well, not if you’re Steven Tyler apparently. Even though he has a new video for “(It) Feels So Good” and a new solo album on the way, the Aerosmith singer/American Idol judge decided to perform “Dream On” during American Idol’s season finale last night with Stone Temple Pilots’ Robert and Dean DeLeo…and not with his Aerosmith band mates. Seems like a waste of a promotional opportunity just so that Tyler can piss off a band member who was reluctant to perform with him on the show.

You can watch Tyler’s performance of “Dream On” up top. And if you’re really disappointed that you couldn’t watch him performing “(It) Feels So Good,” then you can watch the music video of the song.


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