New Teaser Video Makes Sixx: A.M.’s “Big Announcement” A Little More Obvious

Posted by on December 1, 2011


While more and more hints have been dropped in regards to Motley Crue’s “big announcement” in the past day, Nikki Sixx has also been dropping some clues regarding big news from his other band. The latest clue from Sixx: A.M., which also features Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba, is a teaser clip featuring the same “7” artwork posted on Facebook the other day. The clip also includes what sounds like a stripped down version of the title track from Sixx: A.M.’s sophomore album This Is Gonna Hurt.

The teaser clip, which can be seen above, also mentions the date December 13, 2011. However, considering what we heard in the video and that Sixx posted a picture of him with an acoustic guitar on Facebook, our bet is that Sixx: A.M. will be releasing some sort of acoustic release. And that is more than fine with us. The snippet of “This Is Gonna Hurt” heard in the teaser video sound good, and the acoustic rendition of “Lies Of The Beautiful People” that Metal Sucks streamed is pretty awesome as well. We’ll just have to wait, though, till December 13 to find out for sure.

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