Lou Reed And Metallica Release EPK For ‘Lulu’

Posted by on October 6, 2011


Most of the metal community agrees that “The View,” the first single off of Metallica and Lou Reed’s collaborative album Lulu, unfortunately has more flaws than good qualities. While we still want to give the album a shot and are hoping for the best, Lars Ulrich’s Rolling Stone interview, where he said that Lulu makes “… And Justice for All sound like the first Ramones album,” didn’t necessarily make us feel at ease. And even though James Hetfield insists that Lulu is not a Metallica records, fans are still a tad worried about the album’s outcome.

And sadly the new EPK for Lulu won’t put naysayers at ease either. The only thing that makes the 60 second clip special is that it features Reed, Ulrich and Hetfield in the same room talking about the album. While this would’ve been a great opportunity to splice in a snippet of another song off the album, instead the video uses pieces of “The View.”

In case the idea of watching the three talking with “The View” playing in the background actually sounds appealing to you, the EPK can be seen above.

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