Dave Mustaine Discusses The Devil’s Existence On ABC’s ‘Nightline’

Posted by on July 21, 2011


Last night on ABC’s Primetime Nightline, co-anchor Terry Moran hosted a piece called “Beyond Belief: Battle With The Devil,” which analyzed America’s fascination and opposition of the dark lord. To no surprise, Primetime Nightline took a moment to talk about metal music and its satanic influence. Instead of going on a witch hunt against metal, though, they actually took the time to chat with none other than Dave Mustaine.

In addition to talking about his experience with witchcraft and becoming a born again Christian, the Megadeth mainman also talked about his belief in the devil. In regards to Satan’s existence, Mustaine said the following:

“The greatest lie he’s ever told was convincing people he doesn’t exist. And you see people that think he’s red and he’s got a goatee and a pointy tail and stuff like that. He doesn’t. He’s very beautiful. He’s an angel. Why would he look like some monster? He’s capable of looking just like you. He could in this room right now. You wouldn’t know it . . . It’s a very scary thought.”

Mustaine was quick to note, though, that not every metal act is infused with the power of Lucifer, saying:

“In some cases, yes. But not in all cases. Because you’ve got great heavy metal bands that believe in God and glorify Him. We pray every night before we go on stage.”

While we’d normally prefer to hear Mustaine rant about politics instead of religion, it’s still cool to see him on a major network’s news program. And religion is obviously something he has strong feelings about, seeing that it has affected who Megadeth shares the bill with in the past. Plus, if we had to choose between hearing Mustaine or right wing whack job talking about Satan, we’d choose Mustaine. You can watch Mustaine’s entire appearance on Primetime Nightline’s “Beyond Belief: Battle With The Devil” special up top.

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