Trailer For Mastodon’s ‘Resistance 3, Brutality Pack’ Now Online

Posted by on December 8, 2011


By now you probably already know that the Playstation 3 exclusive game Resistance 3 has released a “Brutality Pack” featuring seven songs from Mastodon. Earlier this week, though, Playstation posted a trailer on YouTube for the downloadable content which features the song “Spectrelight” (off of Mastodon’s latest album The Hunter). And if you had any doubts that killing Chimeran creatures (or aliens to those who haven’t played the game) while blasting Mastodon would be anything less than awesome, then watch the trailer above ASAP!

The Resistance 3 Brutality Pack is currently available as downloadable content via the Playstation Network. Songs in the pack from The Hunter include “Spectrelight,” “Black Tongue,” and “Dry Bone Valley,” (plus the bonus track “The Ruiner”), while songs from “Crystal Skull” and “Circle of Cysquatch” from 2006’s Blood Mountain (and this b-side gem from the Crack The Skye sessions) are included as well.

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