Iron Maiden Releases ‘Final Frontier’ Game

Posted by on August 3, 2010

Did the video for Iron Maiden’s “The Final Frontier” make you want to kick some space ass?! Well now you can … sort of. The band has created a new online video game called Search & Savage, which is inspired by the title track to their new album.

The game has the player “steering Eddie’s spaceship to collect weapons and help defeat the space pirates who have blown up the band’s cargoship, and along the way collecting the band’s gear that has been catapulted into space so they can get back on their inter-galactic tour!” There is also apparently a second game titled Rescue & Revenge that will be a part of the album’s deluxe edition.

This is pretty awesome for Iron Maiden fans, though isn’t the first time they’ve done an online game to coincide with an album’s release (anyone play the A Matter Of Life And Death video game besides me?). Either way, if you’re looking to waste some time, or take a break from the Slayer pinball game app, then definitely check this out over at TheFinalFrontierGame.com.


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