Is Corey Taylor Velvet Revolver’s New Singer?

Posted by on January 28, 2011

Earlier this month, we took a few guesses at who Velvet Revolver might be hiring as their new singer. Matt Sorum recently hinted that one of the top candidates was young, well known and comes from a heavier rock background. So naturally Corey Taylor popped into our heads immediately. Though he was also rumored to be a likely candidate when Scott Weiland first left the band, Taylor himself said in a 2009 interview that though he auditioned, things didn’t pan out. So fast forward to two years later, you’d think that Taylor’s name is still off the list of candidates, seeing as how Taylor still has his commitments with Slipknot (we think) and Stone Sour…right?

Well, maybe not because in a recent interview with, Taylor neither denied nor confirmed that he may be Mr. Weiland’s replacement. “To be continued!” Taylor reportedly said after a “hearty laugh.” So could Corey Taylor indeed be the new singer in Velvet Revolver? Or is he just having a good laugh at our suspense?

Either one is a possibility, seeing as unsteady Slipknot currently is after the death of Paul Gray. Though Slipknot will begin the process of taking “baby steps” this Summer with a handful of European festival dates, Taylor admitted in the same interview and numerous times before that he still has mixed feelings about the band’s future. I’m sure Slipknot simply needs time to heal, and that this Summer will prove to be a large stepping stone for them moving forward. But if they don’t end up moving forward (again, unlikely), does that make it more likely that Taylor will be in Velvet Revolver? Or could Taylor actually attempt to pull off vocal duties in three jobs? Unfortunately, the former seems more likely if Taylor is indeed the new singer. We’ll keep you updated when/if more is revealed.

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