Update: Police Release Statement Regarding Mike Starr’s Death

Posted by on March 9, 2011


Sgt. Shawn Josephson of the Salt Lake City Police Department has released an audio statement concerning the death of former Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr. The audio clip, provided by Artisan News Service, can be heard in the video above.

Josephson confirmed that the deceased body found was that of Mike Starr, and the cause of death is still pending. He also referred back to Starr’s arrest back in February for possession of drugs (which he did not have a prescription for) as well as a previous warrant.

UPDATE: While an official cause of death has yet to be officially declared, TMZ is reporting that Starr’s roommate saw the bassist “mixing” methadone and anxiety medication a few hours prior to his death.

We’ll keep you posted when more is revealed. Our thoughts remain with Starr’s family and friends. Although it’s tragic that Starr has passed away, presumably as a result of his heroin addiction, it can’t be seen as surprising. After losing Layne to heroin, it must have been tough for his former bandmate to try to come to terms with his addiction. And the band’s breakthrough album, Dirt, is really just a haunting and upsetting love letter/cry for help about drug addiction. With that in mind, here’s “Down In a Hole” from that album, a sadly appropriate song.


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