Bruce Corbitt announces his return to the stage with Warbeast this weekend

Posted by on July 3, 2018

Warbeast vocalist Bruce Corbitt is continuing to feel hopeful with his medical treatment. Last year, Corbitt was forced to retire from the group after being diagnosed with stage three cancer of the esophagus. This past April, the singer shared good news by announcing his blood counts have stabilized back to normal and was approved for a “miracle” injection to help further improve his condition. Now, Corbitt is feeling even more optimistic as he revealed he will be performing with Warbeast this Sunday (8th) at the 2018 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Ceremony.

He shared the following statement:

Greetings everyone! For those that haven’t already heard, Warbeast was asked to reunite to play a 3-song set at this year’s Ft. Worth Weekly Awards. Warbeast was chosen as part of their 2018 Hall of Fame Class. So I’ve decided to give it a shot for such a special occasion. Jono Garrett will be playing drums for us because Joey is out on tour.

The awards ceremony will be next Sunday evening, July 8th at the legendary Ridglea Theater. It is open to the public for $5. I think it’s something like 6:00 to 10:00 and our award and performance might be early.

Anyway, I’m really excited and thankful to the Ft. Worth Weekly for showing us this much appreciation. I’m proud that I’m even feeling good enough right now to be able to attempt it. But I do know my limitations and I will be careful.

All I know is I get to experience that feeling of being on stage again… and that’s why I keep on fighting. Because good things do finally happen if you can just hang in there long enough. You know damn well!”

It was around this time last year when the group had their farewell performance. Hopefully, this Sunday will mark the first of many.

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