Numerous news sites, including The PRP and Lambgoat, are reporting that some of the bands set to appear on this year’s Atticus Metal Tour III have been revealed online but not confirmed. The unconfirmed bands include Darkest Hour, Born Of Osiris, Sleeping Giant, As Blood Runs Black, and The Human Abstract. However, the tour’s Facebook page has been fast to downplay the rumors.

Though the posting has appeared to have been taken down, The PRP reports that the tour posted the following statement:

“Some news sites are claiming to know the line up, and well some of the bands may be correct, some are not. Stay here, the official announcement is Monday.”

The most recent posting on the tour’s Facebook page claims that the official announcement is coming shortly, with a few “last minute details” still being finalized. Stay tuned as more is revealed about the Atticus Metal Tour III.

UPDATE: The lineup has been confirmed. Darkest Hour, Born Of Osiris , As Blood Runs Black, and The Human Abstract will appear on the entire tour, while Sleeping Giant will be the special guest on all West Coast dates. More special guests and tour dates will be announced soon.