Molotov Solution’s Van Gets Broken Into While On The Road

Posted by on November 16, 2011

Hearing stories of bands getting robbed while out on tour is never fun. And unfortunately, Molotov Soluntion is the latest victim, with their van having been broken into while performing in Montreal, QC this past Monday (November 14).

The Las Vegas metal band posted the following message via Facebook:

“Our van was broken into this morning and we had a lot of very valuable things stolen from us, not to mention our passenger window was smashed and we are freezing our asses off driving to Boston. If you would like to help out or support please head over to and buy some of our merchandise or new album. Thank you so much!!”

If you’re planning to go to WSOU’s 25th Anniversary Show this Friday (November 18), or will be catching them on the road with Chimaira, Unearth and Skeletonwitch, make sure to show Molotov Solution some love. They certainly can use all they can get.


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