Devin Townsend Auctions His Spatula…No Seriously

Posted by on May 9, 2011

This will definitely please any metal fan who also has a love for the culinary arts. The Strapping Young Lad founder/mastermind producer and solo artist Devin Townsend is auctioning off a used spatula via eBay. At the moment, the asking price for this heavy metal (actually, it looks plastic to us) utensil is over $100.

Now sure, buying a used utensil is unarguably one of the dumbest investments you could make. But…Devin Townsend did touch it… And besides, we’d say that buying something that a rockstar used to flip burgers with is a better investment than buying something a rockstar used after eating burgers. Oh, and did we mention that Devin Townsend touched it?…

You can bid on Townsend’s used spatula on eBay. Bidding ends on May 13. And if you find spending over $100 on a spatula to be too much, then maybe buying his two new albums Ghost and Deconstruction (both of which come out on June 20 via InsideOut Music) would be a better way to show your love of Townsend. Just a thought, and in no way is us trying to distract you from bidding on the item so that we can buy it…


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