Who Will Be Velvet Revolver’s New Singer? Your Guess Is As Good As Ours…

Posted by on January 12, 2011

It’s been almost three years now since Scott Weiland abruptly left Velvet Revolver, the supergroup featuring ex-Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. And yet the band has still been unable to find a new singer. Even though Slash released a solo record and Duff was in Jane’s Addiction for a short period of time, they claimed to have still been searching for a new singer all this time. Apparently, they had at one point settled on a new singer and were even planning to officially announce it until deciding it wasn’t the right fit at the last minute.

However, within the past month, Slash and Sorum have revealed that major headway in finding a new singer has been made. Sorum has gone even further to claim that an announcement could be made sometime this month, and that the band has already recorded 9 demos with a new singer. He’s also given hints in multiple interviews that the leading candidate is a “known,” young singer who is a little more on the “heavier” side of rock.

We know that at this point many of you might not really care about who the new singer may be, or even about Velvet Revolver at all for that matter. But all of Sorum’s hints and talk has us a bit curious as to who the new guy might be. Letting our curiosity get the best of us, we decided to compile a list of singers (both previously rumored and not) who are likely and unlikely choices to become Scott Weiland’s replacement in Velvet Revolver.

Without further ado, here are some names that came to mind:

– Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour): He’s already got a lot on his plate, including a winter tour with Stone Sour and Summer festival appearances with Slipknot. However, he has been very shaky about whether he thinks Slipknot will continue (though of course, you could also just argue that Slipknot will eventually make a full return, but that it’s just too soon for Taylor). Plus, he had been rumored to have at the very least audition back in 2009. However, Taylor has since confirmed that though he did do demos with the group, things just didn’t pan out. We could speculate as to whether there’s been a change of heart and that VR has since re-chosen Taylor. The one thing can be confirm, though, is that Taylor most likely was the guy VR was originally going to go with in ’09 until changing their minds.

– Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge): This may seem like the most likely since Kennedy’s latest gig has been singing in Slash’s solo touring band. However, both Slash and Kennedy have claimed that he is too busy with his other band, Alter Bridge. However, because Kennedy’s performances with Slash so far have been praised so highly by fans, his name will most likely remain as a top contender. All in all, though, it might be better that he doesn’t join VR because the more he plays with Alter Bridge, the less likely Creed will perform again.

– Franky Perez (Scars On Broadway): He may be better known as the guitarist in Daran Malakian and John Dolmayan’s other band, but Perez is a singer himself and has even performed with Slash on numerous occasions. In fact, Perez has performed with the entire band live before and has been rumored to be one of the many who have previously auditioned for the gig. However, he doesn’t necessarily fit the “well-known” category. Plus, since his involvement has been so long rumored, the chances are that if he was the new guy then they would’ve announced it a long time ago.

– Sebastian Bach (ex-Skid Row): Even though he was in the running to join VR even before Weiland prior to Contraband’s release, Bach is most likely not the guy for numerous and obvious reasons. We’ll spare you from listing them all, but one main reason is that he’s still besties with Axl Rose, and Bach has gone on to say that joining VR would certainly make things awkward between him and his best buddy. Besides, why would you ever need VR when you’ve got Jimmy Fallon and the Oregon Ducks?!

– John Bush (Armored Saint, ex-Anthrax): He might not be as well known, or as young, as other possibilities, but Bush is well respected amongst metal fans as a great singer and knows what it’s like to come in as a replacement. In fact, not many replacements have scored such favorability from a band’s core fans as Bush. Plus, he’s got the chops. It’s unlikely that he’s the new singer though, mainly because his name has never been previously mentioned as a possibility. However, his involvement would raise interest from at least a few metal fans (us included).

– Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die, The Damned Things): Not only has he been able to juggle multiple projects, but The Damned Things also showcased his broader singing capabilities. If he wasn’t already so busy this year with his other bands (mainly The Damned Things), he’d probably be a strong candidate as VR’s new singer. At the very least, he’d be a close to damn perfect choice in our minds at least. The downside? The ETID fans that are crying “sellout” for him joining The Damned Things would grow much louder.

– M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold): All signs have pointed to A7X continuing on despite original uncertainty after The Rev’s passing, meaning M. Shadows is by no means a possibility. However, M. Shadows sang on arguably the best song off of Slash’s recent solo album. If A7X decided to not continue on, then M. Shadows would arguably be a perfect choice to join VR (and does fits Sorum’s description perfectly as well).

– Josh Todd (Buckcherry): Todd and Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson actually were a part of the group before Slash, Duff and Sorum even had a band name in mind (Nelson is even credited as a writer on the VR song “Dirty Little Thing”). Sure, Todd becoming VR’s new singer would be less exciting than Sebastian Bach joining. But there’s one good thing that would come out of it: Buckcherry would be put on hold for at least a while. Unfortunately, Buckcherry is still very active and currently touring.

– Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, ex-Audioslave): Probably one of the first names mentioned by everyone when Weiland first announced his departure, mainly because he’s had experience with popular supergroups. However, since Soundgarden reunited this past Summer and will most likely continue on, Cornell is an unlikely choice. Though it would be very interesting to see what he would bring to the table in VR.

– Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdom Of Sorrow): He’s proven that he can handle multiple projects at the same time. Ok, ok, so his metalcore style doesn’t exactly match VR’s sleazy hard rock sound…..but you have to admit that it would be hysterical to see Jasta singing screaming “Fall To Pieces.”

Gary Cherone (Extreme, ex-Van Halen): Because it would be funny to say that he failed not once, but twice as a replacement in a popular band. Mean, but funny. Plus, he’s a more likely choice than Sammy Hagar.

So now you know who we think might (and might not) be Velvet Revolver’s singer. Who do you think it may or may not be (if you still care)?

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