A decade can feel like an eternity for die-hard fans hoping to catch their favorite act live. Luckily, it’s rare for most bands to see ten full years go by without the group loading into a tour bus and screaming about how they love a hometown near you. For Crosses, more often stylized as †††, that’s unfortunately exactly what happened. The last time childhood friends and neighbors Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Shaun Lopez (Far) had a dedicated tour was in 2014. To put that into perspective, the last time Crosses toured, people were obsessing over the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and fans couldn’t get over how Game of Thrones had killed off King Joffrey. Well, spoiler alert: Crosses is finally back on tour.

The pair first announced their 2024 North American tour on October 13th, 2023, in celebration of their newly released album Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, DeleteWhat soon followed was an appetizer of things to come as eight sold-out shows in 2023. Six of those shows took place in California, while the other two had the duo flying cross country to Brooklyn to perform at a venue known as Elsewhere. The tour started at The Depot in Salt Lake City, UT, on February 7th. Nearly two weeks into the Familiar World Tour, the duo arrived again in New York, this time in the Big Apple on February 20th, to perform at Hammerstein Ballroom. 

DJ Crook was ready to amp up the crowd as fans surged into the Hammerstein Ballroom after the late 8 PM door time. DJ Crook’s work might seem familiar to those interested in all things Moreno, as he has previously performed with Moreno in another side project known as Team Sleep, where he performed under the moniker of CrookOne. Team Sleep released a self-titled album in 2005 and reunited in 2014 to record a live album.

The ballroom was near capacity when the lights dimmed again for the headlining act. Three lit crosses glowed as anticipation filled the air, the crowd erupted as an instrumental track played, and Crosses took the stage. Frontman Moreno, known for his dynamic stage presence, immediately captivated the audience with his commanding vocals. Accompanied by Lopez on guitar, the duo wasted no time diving into their setlist, kicking things off with “Invisible Hand.” From the pulsating beats of “This Is A Trick” to the haunting melodies of “The Epilogue,” Crosses delivered an intense and electric performance. The fans were lost under the music’s hypnotic spell. The pair’s unique blend of electronic, rock, and experimental sounds contrasts Moreno’s Deftones, united only by the vocalists’ occasional harsh roars. 

One of the night’s highlights came midway through the set when the pair performed the live debut of “Big Youth” (feat El-P). Their chemistry was noticeable throughout the performance, with both members feeding off the crowd’s energy and each other.

Crosses left the audience wanting more as the night drew, closing the set with an encore that included “Telepathy” and slowing things down with their final track, “Option.” The crowd roared their approval, fans echoing throughout the venue long after the final notes faded.

In the end, Crosses delivered a show that was nothing short of electric. 

Twenty-two tour dates will end in Seattle, WA, on March 13th. Don’t sleep on seeing Crosses; who knows, it may be another decade before we see them again–fans will certainly hope that isn’t the case.