With Halloween approaching, today’s title is only fitting, given that names are ideally kept hidden on the holiday of hidden identities. It also fits because there is a very strong likelihood that most of the bands on today’s list will not be recognized by most readers. It’s another day dedicated to the underground before the beginning of a new month, a trend that commonly occurs at the beginning and end of the year

Today, we have death metal, power metal, industrial, and melodic death well represented, along with a resurgence of stoner metal and prog among the less-known bands. Be ready for anything!


Carnifex, Until I Feel Nothing (Victory)

The transition from deathcore to death metal has been hard for some bands and impossible for others. Carnifex didn’t manage it on last year’s Hell Chose Me, but early reviews of Until I Feel Nothing suggest they might have manage it this time around. Switching to relatively new producer Tim Lambesis (better known for his day job fronting As I Lay Dying) was a bold move for the group, but if it pays off, the dividends it will reap for both the band and Lambesis will be enormous. You can see how well Carnifex did on Until I Feel Nothing on their upcoming tour supporting two bands that successfully converted from deathcore to other styles, Born of Osiris and Veil of Maya.


Stormwarrior, Heathen Warrior (Massacre)

When thinking of younger German bands, most people would gravitate towards the country’s prominent and thriving death metal scene, where bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban, and Neaera have become international successes. But many forget that power metal and speed metal, the genres that birthed the most famous German bands of all, still live there and are always birthing new talent. A great example of that is Stormwarrior, a group that combines the all-out speed and style of their elders in Helloween with the traditional Viking themes of Amon Amarth. The result is a lyrically-driven power-thrash style that is both unique and very accessible for all metal fans. The traditional Viking language and spelling that appears in the song titles is also a nice touch for fans that observe those things.


Illdisposed, There is Light (But It’s Not for Me) (Massacre)

If the name Illdisposed sounds familiar to you, it’s because I mentioned them in passing more than a month ago. For those of you who are not familiar with the band, you’ll be surprised to know that this is the group’s tenth full-length album, and they’re celebrating their 20-year anniversary this year. It’s been a hectic time for Illdisposed, as they’re on their fourth record label so far this decade. Nevertheless, this new album is a strong effort, with a noticeable shift towards their older and heavier sound. The synth effects and keyboards are still incorporated, giving Illdisposed a similar feel to Dark Tranquillity in their balanced styles. Give these guys a shot if you’re looking for a new band to try out in the melodic death metal genre.


Death, Individual Thought Patterns [2CD Reissue] (Relapse)

The last Death reissue we got was the Human reissue back in June, so I’d say we’re long overdue at this point for a new one. The reissue of Individual Thought Patterns gives us one last taste of the Chuck Schuldiner legacy before we move into 2012, and it’s a great one at that. By now, you should know the drill with Relapse’s Death reissues – the second disc with demos, the studio tracks for the production geeks, the ultra-limited 3CD deluxe edition that’s only available in the Relapse webstore – it’s all here once again, just as we all hoped it would be. 2012 should be even better for Schuldiner fans, with the anticipated release of even more material from Death, and possibly never-before-released material from Control Denied and Mantas also coming to light.


Also being released this week:

Skinny Puppy, hanDover (Synthetic Symphony)


Black Tusk, Set the Dial (Relapse)


Molotov Solution, Insurrection (Blkheart Group)


Russian Circles, Empros (Sargent House)


East of the Wall, The Apologist (Translation Loss)


Structures, Divided By (Sumerian)


Counterparts, The Current Will Carry Us (Victory)


Noctem, Oblivion (Metal Blade)


Haken, Visions (Sensory)


Junius, Reports from the Threshold of Death (Prosthetic)


Ponykiller, Wilderness (Housecore)


Craft, Void (Southern Lord)


Hammers of Misfortune, 17th Street (Metal Blade)


Supreme Pain, Divine Incarnation (AFM)


Giant Squid, Cenotes (Translation Loss)


Knight Area, Nine Paths (Laser’s Edge)


Halcyon Way, Indoctrination (Nightmare)


Mercy Screams, Broken Mirrors (Red Cord)


Powerwolves, You Won’t Find Peace (Panic)


Thrall, Vermin to the Earth (Moribund)


Elitist, Earth EP (Blkheart Group)


The Amity Affliction, Youngbloods (Roadrunner)


Next Week: The latest release from a Big 4 band is sure to be a scorcher! Add to that a seminal hardcore group smashing faces yet again, and the 10th anniversary of one of the most memorable albums of the decade, and we’re making the most of a short music week! Be ready!