New & Noteworthy, December 21st – End it All

Posted by on December 21, 2010

Okay, this is it! This is the last time I’m doing this! I’m through! At least, with 2010, I’m through. This year has been harsh for metal. I’m sick of it, and I want to get into 2011 now so we can have the proper spirit of intensity, positivity, and brutality inside us. So let’s get this over with. Here it is, the last new release of 2010:

Asking Alexandria, Life Gone Wild (Sumerian)

This EP is being released exclusively in digital form, and can also be purchased at Hot Topic with a bonus DVD included. The music contents include one new song that will likely be the first single from their forthcoming full-length album, a couple of demos and remixes, and covers of the Skid Row classics “18 and Life” and “Youth Gone Wild”. Obviously the covers are the big draw of this EP, hence why its name is drawn from those two song titles. The group made some waves headlining this summer’s Thrash and Burn tour, as well as opening for All That Remains this fall, so those factors will likely boost sales of this EP going into the post-Christmas retail deals.

And that’s the end of it! I was going to have my top ten albums of the year at the end of this article, but the list has already been posted over here. So I will end this by saying THANK YOU to every single person that has read New & Noteworthy since it began on June 8th of this year (complete with the wrong date in the page address). It has been a privilege writing for this website, and I look forward to more incredible lists of new releases in 2011.

Only one last thing for me to do: come back tomorrow as I take a final look at the bands that you won’t be seeing new material from next year, or ever again (most likely).


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