Tom G. Warrior Selling…Some Interesting Artwork

Posted by on January 28, 2011

You can look at the latest creation of Tom G. Warrior (frontman of Triptykon/ex-Celtic Frost) in one of two ways: he’s trying to piss off organized religion, or he’s created a product for the pious person looking for a little extra kink in their life. Considering that his creations are for display only, I’d imagine it’s option 1. Warrior is currently selling two different wooden Jesus dildos that he created online. “Phallus I” (seen in the top corner) features a metal Jesus crucified on a wooden dildo cross, while “Phallus II” simply features a Christ figured mounted on top of the dildo.

Warrior’s obviously trying to arouse shock from the conservative community. I’d argue, though, that it’s up there with Cradle Of Filth’s t-shirt for best creative mix of sexual and religious imagery by a metal band. Though with the price ranging from $200-$550 per each dildo, the t-shirt seems like a cheaper way to piss off your local priest, although this is art that serves a function. Each “Phallus” can be purchased on Warrior’s blog.

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