Why Music is Vital in Gaming

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When you consider what makes a great game, some of the obvious answers include the gameplay, storyline or graphics. However, a crucial element that often flies under the radar is a game’s soundtrack. Despite its importance in completing the gaming experience, the significance of music is often understated. It isn’t until you play a game with a poor soundtrack that you realise the influence of this overlooked element. Music is equally as pivotal to casino games as any others. With slots, for example, the music can really help to capture and enhance the theme. Play online casino for a great selection of casino games with captivating soundtracks

The Importance of Music

We can all appreciate the importance of music in films, yet it plays an equally pivotal role in games too. Whilst watching a film we are merely a passive spectator, our direct involvement in games makes the right music arguably more important. When paired with the gameplay, music can be a profoundly impactful element of the gaming experience. First and foremost, music plays a vital role in setting the scene. We’ve all been playing a game where a sudden change in the game’s music alerts us to an imminent boss threat and puts us on edge. Horror games need chilling, ominous music that amplifies the looming terror and anxiety the player feels. On the other hand, action games may need a faster paced soundtrack to fit with the thrilling, adrenaline-pumping gameplay. We’ve all experienced that heart stopping moment when a change in music alerts us that a significant threat is imminent. We then spend the next minutes looking around in uneasy anticipation of what awaits us. 

Furthermore, the soundtrack can emphasise the sentiment the game is portraying. The right saddening tone will make an emotional moment more effective and seem that little bit sadder. Dynamic music is a tool many developers utilise. Rather than having a set song, the score shifts depending on current gameplay to better suit the corresponding situation. The soundtrack in Pokémon, for example, can change in an instant. The relaxing score then accompanies much of the gameplay ramps up in intensity upon entering a battle. 

Similarly, Skyrim’s battle music is noted for how it gets players in the mood. A sort of intense opera is just what’s required before going to battle against a troll or dragon. A game’s music is also intertwined with player performance. A low hum may play on death, which in harder games you’ll get sick of. Alternatively, an upbeat chime indicates the level has been passed and will add to the satisfaction a player feels. The right soundtrack can keep the player on edge even when not a lot is happening gameplay wise. Music can be an immersive instrument and really help you to engage with the game you’re playing. Games taking place in the early 20th century will have music from that period to really capture the era.

The History

It was in the 70s that video game developers really started to utilise music in an effective way. Previous big titles such as Pong were reserved to a few gameplay related beeps. Classic games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders lacked genuine soundtracks but understood the importance of sound within a game. Games also saw a shift from personalised soundtracks to the use of mainstream music.Music makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and encourages you to keep playing. 

Iconic Examples

Mario, Halo and Pokémon to name a few, some of the most iconic games also have equally as iconic soundtracks. Music can be one of the most remembered aspects of any game and instantly trigger a sense of nostalgia. GTA is renowned for its radio stations that use real world songs. With the multiple radio stations in GTA, each playing a unique genre, there is something for everyone. Likewise, FIFA songs have developed their own appreciation and certain songs are instantly remembered as being on a certain release. Their inclusion in the game has also helped to throw certain bands and songs into the mainstream.

Music in Casino Games

The importance of music in casino games can seem insignificant, but in reality, it’s as crucial as in any other. Music can energise players and really hype them up for the game they’re playing. Certain games may opt for a soothing soundtrack to make playing a relaxing and chilled experience. Alternatively, rock music is a frequent companion of casino games due to how it can help to hyping qualities. The rewarding music that plays when a win comes through will make it feel that much sweeter. Casio game music can be an important tool for blocking out real world background noise and helping us to focus. As previously mentioned, music is vital to a game’s theme too. A jungle themed slot game may rely heavily on bongo and less electronic or artificial sounds. 


Music plays a part in almost every element in our lives and is heard wherever we go.Music isn’t just an afterthought, for game developers. Many companies will pay considerable sums for experts in the field to produce the perfect soundtrack. Music captivates players more than they know and the right music can really amplify the tension in a significant moment. Just consider how music alone can make you feel. Pair that with the gameplay and the combination is a natural one. With music’s innate ability to captivate us and alter our emotions, it’s no surprise that its application is key to game developers.



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