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Posted by on January 3, 2020


With an increase in the love for franchises, from superheroes to dystopian, several sectors have taken advantage of this demand to increase their business. Games, Posters, pencils, clothing, and other industries have evolved around famous characters and movies to attract clients.

Themed products and services have shown success since people adore and appreciate the combination of their interests and hobbies into other useful services.

All said and done, casino games are no exception to this fact, especially slot machines. Most slots have specific themes that are recognizable for players through media coverage.

Throughout the history of machine slots, the entertainment sector has served as a source of motivation. TV shows like South Park and Star Trek have inspired some of the adorable video slots in the industry. Microgaming and Play Tech have dominated the online casino software development sector on the backs of Marvel Comics, and DC comics themed games such as The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and Spiderman. 

Besides, some of the exciting entertainment-related slots have featured the music industry. For instance, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley have both had video slots build around their music careers. The new generation of slots players seems to enjoy video slots that feature music and heavy metal bands. You can discover for yourself and learn everything about metal and casino sites on this page.

Gambling is one of the great options for entertainment that can be done safely and responsibly. Although some people view gambling as a detrimental practice, it brings joy through various action plans. One of the best tips from casino regulators such as Cherry is that players should familiarize themselves with several casino games. They should also learn the fundamental rules of casino games. 

Slot machines have been modernized to cater to human interests, be it a band or superhero. A popular theme for slot machines is heavy metal bands and hard rock.

To that end, if you enjoy the occasional DC and KISS, here are five heavy metal bands and hard rock-themed slot machines you can find on casino halls.


1. Guns and Roses

NetEnt recently launched guns and Roses, that will make you excited and satisfied. Slot machines are set in virtual Guns and Roses concert where the band is playing. Along with the band, there is a visual crowd that brings reality to the game. 

The overall theme, including the graphics, is unique for all players who truly love the hits of the band. Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O Mine are some of the songs featured in slot machines. 


 2. Jimi Hendrix

 Jimi Hendrix is a guitar player, and you can find him in the sea of online casinos slot machines. Although Jimi’s music isn’t strictly categorized as a pure metal, he has played a significant role in the development of some critical features in metal music, including heavier drums and distorted guitar sounds.

 NetEnt released themed slot machine regarding Hendrix. The slot features famous songs, guitar solos, and Jimi Hendrix himself, which brings music to reality.


 3. KISS

The slot machine is KISS themed for fans that can recognize the unique stage outfits and face paint. The slot machine itself has two separate reels known as the colossal reel set and many symbols in the slot machine co-relate to the music band.


 4. Motorhead

NetEnt also decided to dedicate one of their slot machines to Motorhead. With 10 live studio recordings, 22 studio albums, and 12 compilation records, NetEnt had a lot of materials to incorporate the band into a slot machine. 

To listen to Motorhead’s music, you only need to activate the music mode. You will also enjoy the virtual stage on which the band is performing.


5. Megadeth

 Megadeth circulates the theme of the music of the same name, making it become one of the most adorable online slot machines out there. Being one of the best metal bands in the world of slot machines, it offers modern and entertaining songs to their client’s disposal.

Players can experience fun with guitar picks, 40 pay lines, musical instruments, amplifiers, and band members offered during the game. You will be entertained by the music of Megadeth and the thrill of slots.

As themed machines are entertaining to the public, but slot machines are the most successful games within the gambling world. 




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