Top 4 Metal & Rock Music – Themed Pokies Games

Posted by on May 11, 2020


With so many online casinos out there, choosing the right one to play at is hard to determine. If you are a music enthusiast and love to listen to metal and rock music, then here is good news for you. There are many metal and rock music-themed pokies games that you can play anytime and anywhere. Music makes these pokies game too interesting. You can play them while playing air guitar, enjoying radio, or singling along with your favorite music track. As music is a common theme that pokies games are based around so you can play games that are music themed, especially heavy metal and rock music. 

Below are some of the popular metal and music-themed pokies games you can play whenever you want.


Guns N Roses



When it comes to rock slots, Guns N Roses is an excellent online slot. This slot game is based on the virtual Guns N Roses performance. In this game, you can see the beaming lights and huge stage where the band is performing along with a virtual moving crowd swaying. It gives you a complete feel of playing slot while enjoying the live Gun N Roses concert. This online slot game has amazing graphics, bonus features, and theme. There are a ton of bonus features that offer a big win to the players such as a legend spins bonus, a multiplier, and the appetite for Destruction wild. This is one of the most entertaining slot games, and if you are a fan of Guns N Roses, then this is the perfect game for you to play. 



Kiss is a popular band known for its striking appearance and over-the-top shows in the early 70s to this day. Just like the band, the KISS: Shout It Out Loud has everything you can expect from the show itself. Powered by WMS gaming, it is the most creative slot. It features two distinct reels that are not commonly seen in any online game known as a Colossal Reel set. It has another five reels and 12 rows as well. The two reels make up 100 pay lines. The 13 symbols in the KISS slot game include the KISS logo and close-ups of the band members. All these symbols are stacked for maximum winning potential. 



Motorhead is a popular online casino game powered by Netent that has a history of developing robust rock-themed slot games. Inspired by the 1975’s performances and music of legendary rock band Motorhead, this is a 76-line slot game that offers a bomber feature, free spins, and a mystery bonus. The bomber feature can be activated randomly prior to the spin. 

The slot game ‘Motorhead’ is set on a live music stage; it can take your slot game excitement on the next level. There is a special feature where you can initiate ‘Rock Mode.’ Moreover, it turns the band up loud while you are experiencing the winnings of ‘Rock n roll.’



Megadeth is a thrash metal band from Los Angeles. It is one of the biggest four bands alongside Slayer, Anthrax, and Metallica. The slot includes all the band members Shawn Drover, David Ellefson, and Chris Broderick acting as standard symbols while Vc Rattlehead is a wild symbol. This dark looking slot game has a background of concert setting with the light pointing towards the stage. As the game features scatter symbols, a bonus round, wild cards, a decent theme, and free spins, this metal, and rock-themed pokies game is highly enjoyable and a unique game. Megadeth offers authentic music intertwined added by the game’s sound effects that are excellent when gaining any win. 


Final Words

Pokies game and heavy metal go hand in hand. Today, you can find many games inspired by musical bands. Metal and Rock Music themed pokies games are the best gaming options for those who want to enjoy playing slot while enjoying and experience their favorite band virtually. 



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